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Gomphu Kora festival

Gomphu Kora is a small village which situated 23kilometer from Trashigang Dzong. The place is also known for its picturesque view and temples. The place is believed to be meditated by Guru Rimpoche who left his body impression on the rock.

The Gomphu Kora Festival is one of a popular festival in east Bhutan. The festival is celebrated in spring season every year. The festival is a three day celebration which is popular not only among the local tribe and Dakpa tribe from the neighboring Arunachal Pradesh. The Gomphu Kora Festival comprises many local tradition and customs. The festival is basically a celebration of victory of good over evil power. The place came into life of joy when people gather here during the festive season for the blessing which is to be believed to be extremely pious. The prime feature of the festival is the circumbulation where the Gom means meditation, Phu means Cave and Kora is the circumbulation.