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Paro Festival Tour

The most celebrated festival in Paro is Paro Tsechu which is every year celebrated with a huge delight. The festival has being celebrated since 17th century when Zhabdrung Nawang Namgyel the founder of the state and Ponpo Rigzin Nyingpo who initiated the celebration of Tsechu festival in Paro as a step toward Gross National Happiness. Dance performance by well-trained monks and laymen in masks and colorful costume making others excited and willing to participate in the performance with great Joie de vivre which means in excitement with enjoying life.

The festival is also considered as one of a way to enjoy the great history and culture of the country. The festival is celebrated every year as an honor to Guru Rimpoche one who brought Buddhism to Bhutan. Each dance performance holds a story including the story of Guru Padmashambhava who is believed to be born from a Lotus flower. The Paro Tsechu festival has also been a great tourist attraction of the country. The festival is something one should watch to know the tradition, culture and history of the country as it acts as a great spot for knowledge for the tourist. The festival of color and joy is a little addition to the beauty of Bhutan.

The festival is celebrated 5days in the country with a wonder which begins with 10th day of 2nd Bhutanese lunar month and ends on the 15th day. A large number of people gather from different places to see the dance of joy with color all over. The festival begins with dance performances like stag and hounds, Novel man and ladies lencham, heroes, terrifying deities, lords of the cremation grounds.

The five day celebration ends with colors of happiness and with a fresh beginning to left again to bring up New Year with the same delight. The festival basically held in spring season when flower blossom happiness arises with a color of dance, dramas and joy.