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Thimphu Tshechu festival Tour

There are numbers of festival that is used to celebrate in the country of dragon Bhutan. Considering among them Tsechu is the most popular and celebrated with a great excitement in the country. Tsechu basically is a color of festival as you will get to see colorful attires wearing by monks and people and dancing in a great joy.

This festival includes mask dance and traditional dance participated by each as a showcase of happiness and with color of laughter in the air. The festive also act as a function of great social gathering of people from different place. The most important or center of attraction in Tsechu festival is the Cham dances.

The Tsechu festival is scheduled in four days as in first day dance performance called Sha Tsam which means dance of the four stags, Pelage Gingsum i.e dance of the three Ging, Pacham dance of the heroes, shawo Shachi dance of the stags and hounds and Dranyeo cham dance with guitar were shown and performed by the people. Follow by another day which is celebrated by enjoying the performances like Shana a black hat dance, Sha nga ngacham dance with hats and drums, Pholeg Moleg again dance with drums.

The third day of the Tsechu festival is devoted to lord. Dance like Durdag were performed which is devoted dance performance to Lords of the cremation grounds, Tungam dance of the Rakshas and the Ragsha Mangcham dance of the dead. The Fourth and final day on which dances like Tamzhing Monastery in Jakar, same dance performed in day three dance of the lords, Ging Dang Tsoling and lastly Guru Tshen gye dance that is the dance of the eight manifestations of Guru Padmasambhava.

The time period to enjoy the Great Tsechu Festival starts from 10th day of 8month of Lunar Calender. Different cities celebrated this festival in different time that’s why one will get to know different Tsechu festival as per the places. The country is a symbol of happiness as it has always been joyous country in the world with peace and serenity.