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Ura Yakchoe Festival

Ura village in the valley of Bhumthang which is famous for a dance form called Ura Yakchoe which was believed to be celebrated to appease and make offerings to the lord of Yak. The festival was a practice emerging from bonisim which was common before the advent of Buddhism in the 18th century. For a whole five days the festival were celebrated as a time for the community to celebrate the spiritual heritage.

Holy dances like Shinji, Shannag, Ngachum, Damitsi, and Jujing are performed with a great joy at the Ura Lhakhang. The dances are performed to honour the Guru Rinpoche 18th century saints who introduced Buddhism to the country. But now the Ura Yakchoe festival is celebrated to honor the status of chador a manifestation of Vajrapani. The tourist will also find a historical and interesting story behind the relic that was worshipped by the people. Ura Yakchoe is referred to a famous dance performance shown in the Ura valley. The festival is celebrated during the month of April.